Upstart The Board Game is on American shores! #UpstartUS


Last July, I shared about my experience creating Upstart The Board Game and ultimately, the power of play and games in being a force for good.
I just realized it was a crazy weekend of firsts for me. First time in Minneapolis, first time giving a presentation/talk in North America and first time using automated slides. My slide was appropriate… “experience is the best teacher”

I was challenged beyond measure and was honored to share to 125 of some of the most powerful impactful and awesome young people in the world, the Global Shapers.

Thank you to my new NY buddy, Tiffany Yu, for the picture. Thank you to Global Shapers Minneapolis for the privilege of meeting and interacting with you.

And a special shout out to my presentation coach Dustin Huibregtse, who made the whole experience of jumping into the unknown a little bit easier.