UPSTART is a boardgame that equips players with the tools & insights to have them take their business to the next level. Players learn lifelong lessons in an environment of fun, collaboration and play. UPSTART is the product of two years of testing and product development with various markets from aspiring entrepreneurs to business mavens, from students to corporate professionals, from the Philippines to South Africa.


  • Uncover your strengths and weaknesses in making business decisions
  • Uncover your biases towards strategies and belief systems
  • Experience the dynamic push and pull of business, personal life and other external factors
  • Provides you with an environment of continuous learning and experimentation.

How We Started

“We started with Lego pieces and bond paper on an illustration board. ”

D-cal the creator and co-founder of UPSTART is a self-proclaimed gamer. After playing a game of CASHFLOW 101 by Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Kiyosaki, he thought “this is great because it teaches me how to manage money but starting a business is not as simple as “buying an automated business”.

We checked out the market and there were only a handful of games that dealt with teaching people how to set up a business. And most of them were country specific or failed to capture the experience of success and failure and the various ins and outs of managing time and a team.

We thought it was crazy that a game like Cashflow 101 has been out since 1996 and no other educational tool for business has really captured the global market the same way.

So like any entrepreneur we said if we want it, we’re gonna need to build it.

We started with Lego pieces and bond paper on an illustration board. Over a year of testing and we are now confident that the board is ready for the world.

The Team

Creator & Co-Founder

Richard “D-cal”Dacalos
Creator & Co-Founder


Lorena “Ina” Flores


Ian Amane